Mentoring and Coaching Coaches

Mentoring and Coaching Coaches

Mentoring and Coaching Coaches – Each Coach Coaches in a Different way, all Coaches have their own unique style only to themselves, it is always good just to be yourself!

I have been Mentoring and Coaching Coaches for 5 Years and understand the problems related to doing such a rewarding but sometimes daunting job!

I normally help the Coach that I am Mentoring with firstly Observation for the first session, I would be looking for

  • Coaches Appearance
  • Time Keeping
  • Session Planning

Also, age-related or Skill based drills or training, the understanding of Cognitive Learning skills by the Pupil, Progressions in Practices, Conclusions, Coaches Game Understanding, These are a few things I would take into account during a session.

If you are a Coach that is looking for some Help or Guidance please feel free to Contact Me to discuss Mentoring or Coaching you as a Coach and help you to develop your Coaching Skills

You can read more about me by clicking here or you can read some Testimonials by clicking here.

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