I had some coaching from Nick and found it very good. I was shown techniques that enabled me to express an ability I didn’t know I had. Within a week I had nearly tripled my break.

The training I had no doubt worked, I’m looking forward to our next session.

I would highly recommend Nick to anyone

Richard, Exeter


I wanted to see Nick about a couple of things; to check my set-up was working well and I was cueing straight, and to discover more about break-building. He checked my set-up and cueing, no problem. But he quickly noticed my walk-in didn’t exist and suggested some immediate improvements that work well. Nick showed me how to open the pack from the baulk colours (!), from the blue and black and where to hit the cue ball depending on position. He also taught me some break building exercises that just involved the pink and black.

What I like about Nick is his easy going nature, he doesn’t act like a strict teacher but is kind, respectful, taking note of what you wish to achieve. At the end of each session, he has notes and exercises for you to take away and work on until next time. He doesn’t pressure you to make another booking but leaves it up to the student to decide. He has some very useful suggestions on how to cope with pressure, banish the demons and enjoy snooker more; smile! He can suggest major or minor improvements; it depends on what the student wishes to change and achieve.

For a long time, I was really frustrated with my snooker and Nick got me to focus less on results, enjoy it more, play with different people for joy and as a result, generally improve my knowledge and standard. Nick has his sports psychology badge and understands we aren’t robots but players with emotion who need to learn how to control ourselves to play to potential. Overall, he’s just a nice guy who wants people to get more out of their snooker. Not all coaches are so approachable and understanding but Nick has a lovely way of talking to people.

Definitely a coach to try.

Dr S.Lee, December 2016

I was recommended to Nick via Steve Canniford (WEBSF) and cannot recommend him highly enough. Nick not only has a fantastic knowledge of the game but also has an in-depth knowledge and appreciation of the mental aspect of sports, something seldom seen in coaches. He has a good structure to his teaching and provides very helpful summaries and drills to take away and practice. After several sessions with Nick, I noticed a significant improvement in my game. Having been stuck on a high break of 27 for the best part of 18 months, I was shocked and delighted when I managed to hold my nerve and hit a 52 break! This is a testament to the attentive nature of Nick’s coaching for helping me believe in myself and improving my focus, as well as my technique and shot selection. I’m aiming for 60+ next!

Exeter University Snooker
Exeter University Snooker

Matt Damant

Exeter University Snooker Captain

Nick gave personalised coaching sessions to each of Exeter University’s three snooker teams preparing for the British Universities National Snooker Championship in Leeds. Despite having such limited time with the teams, Nick’s excellent knowledge of both the physical and mental sides of the game helped massively to install confidence and focus amongst the group. Nick was able to engage with all the lads, who are of varying ability, and everyone was able to take something from the coaching sessions. Exeter won all 4 major trophies in Leeds and we were crowned UK Champions. I have no doubt that Nick had a very positive influence on our success.
– Matt Damant, Exeter University Snooker, and Pool Club Captain 2015/16

Exeter Uni Snooker
Exeter Uni Snooker

Matt Damant

On behalf of Exeter University Snooker Team