Remote Sports Coaching

Remote Sports Coaching

Do you need a Sports Coach?

Nick Dart

My Name is Nick Dart and I offer a Remote Sports Coaching Service this can be done via Zoom, WhatsApp or whatever suits you.

Feel free to contact me for a chat about my services or Book a Session Today!

What is Remote Sports Coaching?

With the advancement of digital technology, the world of sports coaching has changed. Remote Sports Coaching has become a popular choice for many Players and Athletes. You can now enjoy the benefits of personalised guidance and support regardless of where you live in the world!

If you play a sport and are looking to have someone in your corner, I can help you with many areas of sports coaching. I have been coaching and supporting Footballers, Runners, Athletes, Golfers, and Snooker Players, for over 20 years.

I have gained Qualifications in Coaching

  • FA Level 2 Football Coach
  • Coaching Players with Disabilities
  • Module 1 and 2 Age-Related Training
  • Mentoring Coaches
  • Level 3 Performance Psychology
  • WPBSA Snooker Coach
  • Sports Psychology Diploma

I can offer the unique advantage of tailoring coaching programs to your specific needs and goals. I can create customised training plans that address your individual strengths, weaknesses, and aspirations. With regular video sessions, We can work together to analyse your performance, and I can provide detailed feedback, and suggest areas for improvement.

How Can I Help You?

When you book an Online Session of my Remote Sports Coaching Service, I can help you in the following areas……

Setting Goals

Setting clear and achievable goals is like having a roadmap to success, you will have direction and focus to achieve your sporting potential!


If you sometimes lack motivation, I can help fuel your drive and passion to overcome challenges and achieve your goals!


Confidence and self-belief are crucial in any sport, I can help you build belief in your abilities and help you develop a positive mindset!


If you are not sure how much to practice or what to practice, then I can help you develop a plan of action, to make sure you are on the right path to improvement.


Sometimes you just need someone in your corner who will provide you with honest feedback, analyse your results and look for areas for improvement.

Helping You All the Way!

Remote Sports Coaching

There are so many areas in Sports Coaching that can help support and develop Athletes and Players. Below are more ways in which I can help you…..

  • Mental Toughness
  • Visualisation
  • Relaxation Techniques
  • Developing Habits
  • Practice Routines
  • Coping with Pressure

Sports Mindest Coaching

I also provide a Sports Mindset Coaching service that you may also be interested in to help you achieve your sporting potential.

One important area that is overlooked is the area of Sports Psychology. You may have all the talent in the world but if you have a poor mindset, no motivation or lack confidence then reaching your potential can become a very hard task.

When you are confident, positive, motivated, relaxed and have a plan to achieve your goals, you will perform at your best and take some stopping, and who knows you may become unstoppable!

Psychological Problems

  • Pre-Game Nerves – Do you use nerves to help you focus before a game?
  • Lack of Confidence – Do you think your opponents are too good? Doubt Yourself?
  • Poor Concentration – Do you get ahead of yourself? Do you lose focus?
  • No Focus – Do you worry about what others are thinking about you?
  • Anger – Do you get frustrated with your performance and results?

And Many More…

Through My Guidance and Practice, these Problems can be overcome using different ways to make you more successful and realise your Potential.

If you are looking to have someone in your corner to help you improve your Sporting Performance, Feel more Confident, and get better results, feel free to contact me by using the Contact Page and book an online session!

I look forward to hearing and working with you!

Best Wishes

Nick (WPBSA Snooker Coach)

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